Hitting Nr. 162

Our new album “from The Wild Frontier” hits Nr. 162 at Switzerland iTunes Top Albums Chart… Just behind Selena Gomez… Hell yeah!

Record Release “From The Wild Frontier”

Our grossly negligent debut work “From The Wild Frontier”. The uncoupling will be available as vinyl in stores from the middle of December and is available for download. The album cover was designed by the legendary Bernese artist Dirk Bonsma. Christian Calame from Blackyard has just blown out an exclusive Frankie Safari comic for the record release.


21.12.19 @ Dan Ton Ku Biel

11.01.20 @ Mattebrennerei Bern
DOORS: 21h
SUPPORT: Cowboy Killer
DJ: Brother Pantichrist
Blackyard Poster Bazzar
R.J’s Tattooshop (live tattoos)
Lui Luis Loves Tarot

Yeeee Haaaaaaw!

Video shooting „I only c u“

Blacklight video shooting „I only c u“ @ bigote verde: Best mexican restaurant in berne!!! was so much fun!!! Thanks 10000000 to everyone: Lisa Hussey, Lisa Iseli, Chrigu Lötscher, Rebecca Peart, Tina Machina, Nadine Stirnimann-Baumann, Linda Christa Bill, Frances Libellula, Claudia Rauber, Daniela Jakab, Jungle Matsumi, Momo, Imogenmöndli, Essavessa, Pedro, Ciserno, Chacou, Lui & Sonja, special master Jürg, filming Perez & super art from Que Zhinin!! e muchas gracias lea & CrisRojas Bigote Verde!!!