Record Release “From The Wild Frontier”

Our grossly negligent debut work “From The Wild Frontier”. The uncoupling will be available as vinyl in stores from the middle of December and is available for download. The album cover was designed by the legendary Bernese artist Dirk Bonsma. Christian Calame from Blackyard has just blown out an exclusive Frankie Safari comic for the record release.


21.12.19 @ Dan Ton Ku Biel

11.01.20 @ Mattebrennerei Bern
DOORS: 21h
SUPPORT: Cowboy Killer
DJ: Brother Pantichrist
Blackyard Poster Bazzar
R.J’s Tattooshop (live tattoos)
Lui Luis Loves Tarot

Yeeee Haaaaaaw!

Video shooting „I only c u“

Blacklight video shooting „I only c u“ @ bigote verde: Best mexican restaurant in berne!!! was so much fun!!! Thanks 10000000 to everyone: Lisa Hussey, Lisa Iseli, Chrigu Lötscher, Rebecca Peart, Tina Machina, Nadine Stirnimann-Baumann, Linda Christa Bill, Frances Libellula, Claudia Rauber, Daniela Jakab, Jungle Matsumi, Momo, Imogenmöndli, Essavessa, Pedro, Ciserno, Chacou, Lui & Sonja, special master Jürg, filming Perez & super art from Que Zhinin!! e muchas gracias lea & CrisRojas Bigote Verde!!!

Big in Japan! Video of the week!

We‘re as happy as a bunch of monkeys, that our new single ‚Roll On’ from the upcoming LP ‚From The Wild Frontier’ is spinning on Tokyo airwaves by legendary DJ Mike Rogers!! He just debuted ‘Roll On’ on his 101st „The World Famous Mike Rogers Show“ on KOR Radio & it’s broadcastet at 11 stations all around the globe (London, LA, Bogata, Hongkong…) the show also hit 101 weeks in a row Twitter Japan Top 5, 84 weeks #1, this week again roll on! the whole lp „From The Wild Frontier“ will be released in december… Stay tuned!

“Roll On” Video out now!

Check out our new born Video “Roll On” from our first LP “From the wild frontier” (Release December 2019)
Thanks to everyone !!! Patricio Prz, Yuna, Rebecca, Dangy, Gabrielle, Stefanie, Sonja, Adrian, Chrigu, Tim, King Lui, Tamara L. Thompson & Thomas Burkhart… It was great fun.

Debut album „From the wild frontier“ out December 20th 2019

We’re as happy as a bunch of monkeys to have our debut LP „From The Wild Frontier“ released at December 20th at Schützenhaus (Reithalle) Bern & December 21th at Don’Ton Ku, Bienne. It will be released on the underground label „Langusta“ > And even more, we’re as proud as the burning desert itself, that one of our most favorite artist, Dirk Bonsma, made the eye bursting cover artwork for it, with a little help of Robert Buttler. Thank you so much!

Jungle Matsumi

Frankie Safari is as happy as a bunch of wild monkeys up there in the baobab trees to introduce their newest member in the family, the one and only, Mrs. Jungle Matsumi from the Island! The Gods brought us together – and now we get ready to enter the stage in fall with her on the exotica organ!

I Want Love Video Shoot

Thanks so much to all of you for this big time all fun video shoot down in our crypt: Sujata, Dangy, Monica, Chrisa, Lisa, Ivana, King Lui & of course our new woman on the organ, Jungle Matsumi! We love you all! It’s amazing these days, all you need for a video shoot is a mobile and a computer – and a bunch of cool people – and we had the best 🙂

Friday 5th of April – Frankie Safari Live at Atomic Café Biel

Frankie Safari’s gonna hit Bienne next Friday night, 05.04.2019 @ hard cooking Atomic Cafe. The show will be around 21h with plenty of safari beatz and caveman dance from the wild frontier!
It’s gonna be the first show after we’ve started the preparation of our LP. After writing some new songs we’ve recorded 14 hell bound tracks last November in bella Italia. The songs are now mixed and mastered and are gonna be released in fall 2019 – hell yeah!

The Venice Sessions

Frankie Safari goes recording! In November we’ll hit the road to Outside Inside Studios, Venice. This summer we’ll work on the songs to get that baby born. In this time there ain’t no gigs planned. C U later again on the safari….

Easter Shake Up!

Hey Sinners! Frankie Safari gets down this Thursday at Gotthard Bar, Langstrasse 63 in Zürich around 9 p.m. If you’re feeling down and out too, join in at that Eastern Shake Up celebrating Baby Jesus dying for us and our sins! Drink, yell, stumble and roll…

Wrong side but right sound…

Our Split Single finally arrived from France. With the right label on the wrong side. Watch out when you listen. Frankie Safari ist Bastard & Baseball Bat Boogie Bastards are Frankie. Got it? Spin it around and around and around…

Split Single Release

Split Single release recorded with Zeno Tornado! One side is Safari, one side is Bastard. Come to the early show at Rössli Reithalle, doors 20:00, Frankie Safari show 21:30, later on the Baseball Bat Boogie Bastards and all night long rick’n’roll garage beat disco with Dj Johnny Ola. Be there, shake, rattle’n’roll!

Photos: Patrick Principe

Frankie Safari & Baseball Bat Boogie Bastards Live @ Montblack Bar in Zurich

Pix by Karim Patwa ©

After a big fun game night at the ass ratteling Dan’ton-ku Tiki Bar at the biennenoise frontier the Bastard Safari Tour moves on to the Saint and Sinners Party @ Montblack Bar, Zurich! Again two shows with Frankie Safari and the Baseball Bat Boogie Bastards, followed by a brain slurping feet chopping body rockin rhythm and blues garage beat disco with the one and only soulful red hot and blue Lance Vegas. Be there, step in and spin round – it‘s safari time.

Tiki Rock & HooDoo Rollin’ – A wicked Rock’n’Roll Garage Psy Night


Winter is coming – time to go Tiki and spice up the rainy cold with a big shag of exotic voodoo drinks, dance and rock n roll all night long! Frankie Safari rolls the evening with the sharky Baseball Bat Boogie Bastards. Together we have recorded a split single, which will be released in February 2018. In the meantime we play some heartbreaking gigs together… this first one at the flowery aloha bound Dan’ton-Ku Tiki Bar in Bienne. Come up, fall in love and dance the cold away!