About Frankie Safari

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In the misty fall of 2015 the three stooges from Berne & Bienne, Vincenzo Safari, Haymito & Monsigniore Dies gave birth to their Psyched Out Garage Rock’n’Roll Punk baby: Frankie Safari!

Ever since they’ve been hunting festivals and clubs like Rössli, Reithalle Bern, Anyone Can Play Guitar Festival, Barbarie, Rümpeltum, Halt auf Verlangen, Coq d’Or, Kofmehl, Improvisorium, ISC and many more with bands like The Peacocks, Blind Butcher, Howlong Wolf, Jolly And The Fly Trap, Demented Are Go, Treekillaz, Leech etc.

In the snowy winter of 2018 Frankie Safari released an ice cracking 7“ split single with the Baseball Bat Boogie Bastards, which was recorded by swinger and songfighter Zeno Tornado at his country shack.

Later that same year Frankie Safari went south to record their debut album “From The Wild Frontier” at Outside Inside Studios in bella Italia with hard cooking Matt Bordin. The LP is released in December 2019.

And if that wouldn’t be lucky enough, the one and only Mrs. Jungle Matsumi joined the band in spring 2019 and completed Frankie Safari with her evil eyed powers and charms.

So Frankie Safari’s latest cast is:

– Vincenzo Safari (Bad Tantra Vocals, Fuzz Guitar, Devil’s Harp)
– Haymito (Thunder Bass, Back-Slack-Vocals)
– Monsigniore Dies (Caveman Drum)
– Jungle Matsumi (Exotica Organ)

All together Frankie’s cast gather half a century of hard boiling rock’n’roll experiences  with bands like The Dead, The Monsigniores, The Babies, Gebrüder Ritalin and many more.

Their live show is furious, loud and sweaty, preformed with all of their dark gone hearts and their music is a exotic, raw and hypnotic rollercoaster ride to the bottom of the soul!

It’s a safari to the rocky fields of the stoner’s desert, the sweet and delinquent spots of rock’n’roll, the obscure and wild homelands of swampy rhythm and blues, the wide prairie of the dead men’s country and to the windy oceans of seedy blues – with a little break at the Surf-Inn.

Frankie Safari mines its songs out of the rocky mountains of their Swiss homeland, digs for gold and mud in the wild Prairie, boats the deep blue sea, catfishing for a whistle of love, hunts through the jungles to catch a glimpse of the quanga snake and crawls the lonesome desert in despair of that pair of glancing eyes burning in their mind.

And you can hear it all in the music!